Mama, you were made for this.

Welcome Beautiful Creators!

Have you ever felt like you are failing as a woman? Have you ever felt unheard during a doctor’s visit ? Have you ever felt uneasy and uncertain if you could actually birth a child? Have you experienced trauma from a birth team that did not have your best interest at heart? Have you ever felt guilty for wanting a career, a hobby, or even just a break? Have you suffered in silence with depression, anxiety, rage or another mood disorder after giving birth? Have you tried to balance all the things and continue to come up short? Have you just wanted a little peace & quiet and not to be touched- which made you lose your cool? Have you felt alone and like a burden to those around you? Have you felt like you were on auto-pilot each day and simply going through the motions? Have you been insecure about your productivity, your body or your ability? Have you pictured Motherhood going much differently? Have you compared yourself to the highlight reel on Social Media, Mainstream Media, and Hollywood Moms? Have you felt deflated and defeated and unsure things will ever change? Well Mama, I see you.

This was me after my first son was born. I had went through fertility treatments to conceive him, had a smooth pregnancy and birth and then was metaphorically hit by a large truck a few days into being a Mom. For the next 6 months I struggled to figure out how this all works. I knew I loved my son, I knew I wanted to be a “good mom” to him. But my mind was against me. I had sought therapy and treatment but there was something missing. How could I feel this way after wanting to have a baby so badly?

Then one day, something shifted within me. I made the decision that I was enough. I was worthy of enjoying my life, enjoying my motherhood and not having to be so hard on myself for not being “perfect”. From that moment, I began to give myself grace. I began to lower my ridiculously high expectations. I began to connect to the power and light that was within me the entire time I was pregnant with Dylan and that brought him Earthside into our family.

I realized I could do this on my terms!

With my second pregnancy, I spoke up for what I wanted, I advocated for myself each step of the way. I had to stand up to my family, doctors and even my own ego. In the end because I did a LOT of work to prepare, I had a magical birth- exactly how I envisioned it to be and have had the most beautiful postpartum experience as well!

Mama, you are worth it all.

Confidence | Compassion | Grace | Freedom | Abundance | Joy | Empowerment

Mama, own your story.

We all have a past, but that past does not have to define who we are as a Mother! However a lot of our beliefs, impressions and conditions do cross over as we journey through conception, pregnancy and motherhood. Many of us, especially first time moms- seem to look for guidance but in the US, it is not given to us freely. We have to demand support, education and empowerment.

Are you still holding onto past trauma, limiting beliefs or insecurities?

  • Were you bullied as a young girl for your looks, your weight, your abilities?
  • Were you never given the opportunity to shine your light and were always told to stay quiet and timid?
  • Did your family have a golden child that got all the attention and it wasn’t you?
  • Did your parents have unrealistic dreams and expectations for you that were really a reflection of their own missed opportunities?
  • Did you have to grow up to fast because your caretakers needed to be taken care of?
  • Are you carrying generational burdens and beliefs that no longer serve you?

The reality is –You get to write your own birth story, decide how you raise your children and how you FEEL being a Mom!

Mama, we are in this together.

I hear you. I was bullied for my weight and have a load of generational beliefs that just don’t serve my vision for life. I have had to take those head on as I became a Mother. I have been through fertility struggles, plus size bias in pregnancy, severe postpartum anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, and giving birth during a global pandemic. Now I have been called to use my story to pay it forward and help other women go through their journeys with power, light, and truth. I have dedicated the last three years to learning ways to help others, investing in myself and putting in hours of my own healing inner work.

You can learn more about my journey and where I am now in the About Section or Connect with me and we can chat all about it over some virtual tea or coffee.

The short version is…

I have two beautiful boys, Dylan & Owyn, married for eight years to my husband John and have two fur children and a bearded dragon. I am a 3rd Degree Usui Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, PNLP, PTT, CCHt, and CSC . In addition, I have been trained by Postpartum Support International, where I am an active Board Member for the NJ Chapter. Lastly, I continue to invest in courses that focus on consciousness & universal laws, dream planting, manifestation, and energy.

I am grateful to have been called to do this work because each day I get to see just how beautiful and powerful women truly are when they go within themselves.

I have made this transformation and I invite you to do the same.

Mama, it’s your choice.

Fertility- Pregnancy- Birth-Postpartum-Motherhood

You can let life happen to you, or you can make life happen for you.

  • This journey can be filled with empowerment, joy, peace and beauty or it can be filled with fear, guilt, shame, and uncertainty.
  • You have the power to decide which path you take. Sure, there are things you cannot control- but your mindset, your intentions, and your reactions are completely up to you.
  • It is possible to feel confident about conceiving, birthing, and mothering your babies.
  • It is possible to make decisions and set boundaries that are best for you and your family without any doubt.
  • It is possible to manifest the most empowering, beautiful, gentle birth you can imagine.
  • It is possible to be informed, be prepared and take action to prevent an adverse Postpartum Experience.
  • It is possible to scroll social media without constantly judging yourself as a mother while looking at those who “seem” to have it all together.

Mama, believe in yourself.

If a woman holds the power to create life; then she also holds the power to create the life she wants.

Mama, you are enough.

There are many ways that you can connect to your inner creator- you already have everything you need. I am here to navigate and guide you towards your power, your light, and your potential.

One on One Mentorship

Mama Awakening | Mama Mastery | Mama Beyondasana

We will work together to build a custom experience that maximizes the power & light within you. These programs have slightly different timelines and focuses. Ranging from 2 Moon Cycles to 6 Moon Cycles.

Mama to Be Group Bundle

Manifest Your Empowered Birth | Prepared Postpartum

Participate in a series of sessions with other moms like you, all focusing on a common intention. To have the birth and postpartum that you deserve!

You can explore the various offerings above HOWEVER the best way to understand how my work can benefit you- is by scheduling a Complimentary 30 Minute Session!

Mama, say YES to YOU!

Mama, you know best.

Nicole is so calming, nurturing, and loving. As a mother of 3, I require a lot of support and Nicole makes you feel so supported as you dive into Motherhood.

Lead W.

Nicole has been a great support to me throughout my PPA journey. Her programs have helped me relax and reflect. She has been really helpful overall.

Alanna L.

I need Nicole in my darkest hours, she is always there for me. She provides coping skills and awesome tools to heal me. I am so grateful for our time together.

Kari B.

Mama, thank you.