YI want to read books.
I want to listen to calm music.
I want to practice yoga and healing practices with my sons.
I want to feel energized.
I want to have time to organize.
I want to not stress about bills and money.
I want to live freely in time and resources.
I want to help others and give back.
I want to create a safe space for moms.
I want to have a part in fixing the broken systems.
I want to enjoy each day without binds of time or obligation.
I want to feel empowered by my body no matter what it looks like.
I want to understand childhood agreements I have so I can ensure I don’t resolve them to Dylan and Owyn.
I want to paint and dance and laugh and sing.
I want to love healthy foods that nourish me.
I want to be authentically me without any self judgement.
I want to finish all the projects in my head.
I want to create a routine that fullfills my soul every day.
I want to not stress and have anxieties about my dogs and babies.
I want to live in a clean environment.
I want to be the free spirit I long to be.
I want to feel good and make others feel it too.
I want to inspire and be inspired.


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