Owyn’s Perinatal Journey

Owyn’s Perinatal Journey has been different from day one in every single way. I am so freaking grateful that I was able to experience things through a different lens this time. Every blessing, every adversity. I want to start with some facts about my first Perinatal Journey with Dylan so you can understand this storyContinue reading “Owyn’s Perinatal Journey”

An Unconventional Yearn

I have always been an old soul. As I get older, I am discovering just how old that soul actually is. My heart yearns for simplicity and the basic fundamentals of life. To live how they lived, with some modernizations of course. But with basic human rights, human practices, and human conventions. Where women don’tContinue reading “An Unconventional Yearn”

An Open Letter to All Mamas.⁣

⁣Hello,⁣⁣I see you. ⁣I hear and feel you.⁣I am listening. ⁣⁣I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, maybe not the same style or size, but nonetheless, walking in the path of Motherhood. ⁣⁣I have been through the darkness, been through the deepest trenches of my mind. I have doubted, questioned, and arguedContinue reading “An Open Letter to All Mamas.⁣”

It can happen to any mom after any pregnancy.

Jaime’s Story! It wasn’t until my 3rd child that I discovered what was going on with me. The intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideations came to a head in January 2014, when my 3rd was 5 months old. It got so bad I made a plan to take my life. Thankfully, miracles happened that day andContinue reading “It can happen to any mom after any pregnancy.”