Owyn’s Perinatal Journey

Owyn’s Perinatal Journey has been different from day one in every single way. I am so freaking grateful that I was able to experience things through a different lens this time. Every blessing, every adversity. I want to start with some facts about my first Perinatal Journey with Dylan so you can understand this storyContinue reading “Owyn’s Perinatal Journey”

An Open Letter to All Mamas.⁣

⁣Hello,⁣⁣I see you. ⁣I hear and feel you.⁣I am listening. ⁣⁣I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, maybe not the same style or size, but nonetheless, walking in the path of Motherhood. ⁣⁣I have been through the darkness, been through the deepest trenches of my mind. I have doubted, questioned, and arguedContinue reading “An Open Letter to All Mamas.⁣”

It can happen to any mom after any pregnancy.

Jaime’s Story! It wasn’t until my 3rd child that I discovered what was going on with me. The intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideations came to a head in January 2014, when my 3rd was 5 months old. It got so bad I made a plan to take my life. Thankfully, miracles happened that day andContinue reading “It can happen to any mom after any pregnancy.”