Cultivate Your Inner Creator

Welcome Beautiful Creator!

So you are interested in Cultivating Your Inner Creator? Maybe you are not sure exactly what that means for you– well let me explain.

You, beautiful mama, are innately a creator, you are born with the power to create life. You have everything you need to create the life you want but I am guessing there are some things that get in the way.

Society and generational expectations, fear of judgments, and unhealthy comparison and competition we feel the need to submit to.

The patriarchy(in terms of energy) has done this intentionally to keep us playing small. It is our time to create the life we desire!


Wake up feeling light and free, grateful for the potential that awaits instead of just going through the motions of each day.

Understand you are worthy of wealth and abundance in every sense.

Live in the moments purposefully and intentionally to experience all the joy and magic within them.

Learn better ways to cope with the difficult days without spiraling downward to keep your vibrations high.

Take a look at what our time together looks like:

Day 1: We will look within and connect to ourselves to discover what emotions, experiences and energies we have been holding onto that no longer serve our highest good.

Day 2: We will identify our goals and desires that we want to create in our lives. 

Day 3: We learn how to easily shift our state of mind when we are feeling low, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or unmotivated.

Day 4: We dive deeper into patterns of limiting beliefs or decisions that have kept us on autopilot. 

Day 5: We explore the powerful manifestation tools that you all possess within ourselves as beautiful creators!

This is a donation based offer so you can sign up without any obligation! If you feel called to contribute in an energy exchange, you can do so via Venmo @nicole-obenshine or PayPal using

Not sure this is right for you- let’s chat!

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