Quarterly Group Experiences

•To feel at peace during labor.⁣

•To create a vision of how your birth looks and have it come true. ⁣

•To manifest a gentle, beautiful, empowered birth.⁣ (Even in a Global Pandemic⁣)

•To feel at like a total badass after birth.⁣

I know because I DID IT !!!

Join me for this Four Part Series where you’ll:⁣

✓ Define your labor plan and birth plan ⁣
✓ Decide you are worthy of a beautiful experience
✓ Connect with your womb light to guide you in this journey
✓ Understand your choices and build confidence to make the decisions right for you⁣
✓ Establish resources and practices that will be there for you in each moment

This program consists of 4 Live Video Calls over 4 weeks with lifetime access to the replays.

You deserve an amazing birth, you have to believe ! ⁣⁣

Enrollment has been closed. You can sign up for the next session in October 2020 or Experience the Recorded Sessions in August 2020.


That if you plan, prepare and take preventative actions for Postpartum it can be a beautiful and magical time, even if you have seen darkness before.⁣

But my hope is that you see this before you even have to experience the tough times. ⁣

In Prepared Postpartum you will:⁣

✓ Understand the difference between normal and common issues new moms experience⁣
✓ Learn the risk factors and spectrum of PMADs⁣
✓ Create a plan of action for support and nourishment in your fourth trimester⁣
✓ Define your boundaries for yourself and family⁣
✓ Establish a list of resources and practices that will be there for you in a moments notice⁣

Enrollment for August 2020 is open.

This program consists of 6 Live Video Calls over 3 weeks, plus lifetime access to the replays.

Don’t leave it up to chance! ⁣
You deserve to be prepared 💙⁣

This course will be in session August 2020, November 2020, February 2021, & May 2021.

You are in control of your mindset.⁣
Although most of the time in Motherhood it does not feel that way.⁣

Let me show you how simple it is to Shift that State:

✓ Understand where your current belief system stems from⁣
✓ Learn the triggers in your day to day life that lower your vibration
✓ Create a plan of action on how to keep yourself in a positive state when triggered
✓ Define your goals for yourself and family
✓ Establish a routine that works for your best self and stick to it

Enrollment for September 2020 will open July 21st.

This program consists of 5 Live Video Calls over 3 weeks, plus lifetime access to the replays.

What are you waiting for, Mama?


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