Here are Your Results!!


I see you, Mama! You are so ready for this transition. You are capable, confident and comfortable with what is to come! How can I give you even one more ounce of certainty? By reminding you that you are made for this! You are a Creator and you create the experiences and evolutions you encounter. I am here to validate and reassure you of that fact if you ever begin to doubt it as your embark on the Motherhood journey.

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You are there! Maybe there are one or two things that you can do or focus on before the day comes. What is the missing link? Is it something worth putting your energy into? Of course it is, this is your day, your creation and your life you are worthy of crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. If there is any resistance in working on these last few items or you are just not sure how to approach them, reach out! I am here.

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Things are coming together for you. Maybe there seems to be a slightly long list of questions in your mind right now but rest assured you will prioritize and conquer them in no time. Let’s take those items and rank them in importance for you. Then start at the top and work on them one by one. Connect to your body, your breath and your baby and you are unstoppable. If you have any questions or need any help, I am here for you.

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You are on your way, Mama! All great things take time and energy. You have made some effort to prepare but maybe just need a little nudge to really get you there. There is a LOT to prepare for but you are SO capable. Let’s take small steps toward that most empowered vision of birth, baby, and beyond that you are so worthy of having. Ask yourself what is the one most impactful thing you have not yet done, but can do easily from the list. Then once you have focused on that and feel good about it, then ask yourself what the next step can be. Before you know it you will be feeling completely confident! And I am here for you at any point in the path.

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Okay, first things first. Take a deep breathe- there is no need to worry. This is a perfect time to practice Grace and Compassion for yourself. You don’t know what you don’t know. This is why I am here. To guide you in this journey toward and into Motherhood. Now you probably have a LOT of questions and may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Pause. Breathe again. Now let’s focus on where you are right now and where you want to be. Have both of those pictures in your mind. Great! Take the picture of unknowing, overwhelmed, that current state of “oh crap” – and move it far out into a distance in your mind. Now take the picture of being informed, understood and empowered- bring it closer, make it brighter and maybe even put a pretty frame around it. You can create that second picture! And if you need help. I am here.

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Regardless of the Tier that you are in, I want to invite you to take this ONE important step towards feeling so full of loving energy and awareness during this time of pure creation and light that you hold within!

If you haven’t already, Claim your special gift offer right now! Receive education, encouragement and energy work to cleanse, balance and activate all the energies within the beautiful vessel that is your body. A way to say Thank you and I love you to your beating heart, your magical womb and your connection to your highest self. In addition, we can review your score and see how you can take steps toward feeling so Empowered for Birth, Baby & Beyond!

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