Illuminate & Create

No matter the stage of Motherhood you are in, there are triumphs and challenges, what you must remember is how powerful you truly are as a women! You deserve to feel joy! You deserve to feel confident! You deserve to feel supported!

Illuminate & Create is for YOU, if you:
  • Feel disconnected with yourself in a physical, emotional or spiritual way.
  • Struggle to be in the moment and feel like you are on autopilot.
  • Want more from your current situation (Identity, abundance, health, relationships, career)
  • Are seeking intentional living, purposeful habits and have a passion for growth.
  • Have been challenged with fertility, pregnancy complications or perinatal mood & anxiety disorders that want to move forward and not allow the past to define who you are.
  • Want to connect to your inner power and light to create the life of your dreams.
  • Need tools and techniques to shift your mood towards challenges that arise.
  • Need to elevate your gratitude and appreciation for your bodies.
  • Know you are meant do have an impact on the world in any capacity.
  • Have trouble with confidence, forgiveness or judgement.
  • Just want to wake up each day feeling at peace and empowered to live your authentic truth.

Can you resonate with any of these? If the answer is YES, keep reading or book a complimentary clarity session now!

This is a Journey to Self, developed from personal experience, professional certification courses, and deep inner work that has been done over the course of the last 5 years. You can expect the most healing, beautiful, and powerful transformation you have ever imagined! Together we will:
Focus on the physical self to truly embrace and appreciate the vessel you are able to create with.
Focus on the mental and emotional self that shifts the state from overwhelm to intention so you can define your life.
Focus on soul self to effortlessly create anything you desire for you and your family.
Connect to your personal life force energy and the unity of the universe.
Define your goals, and take aligned action steps on your path to manifestation.
Ensure you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Key objectives and outcomes are kindness, grace, compassion, expansion, abundance, connection, self-examination, freedom, transformation.
The Logistics:
  • 8 Hours over 14 Days of an Intensive Inner Work
  • 5 Monthly Follow Up Sessions (90 Minutes Each)
  • Womb Light™ One and Womb Light™ Two Attunements
  • Lightarian™ Rays and Clearings Treatments
  • 15 Minute Bi-Weekly Support Sessions
  • Unlimited Support via Text and Voice Notes
Additional Bonuses!
  • Lifetime Access to an entire Mama Resource Library for life ($1800 Value and growing)
    • Release the Mom Guilt, Cultivate Your Inner Creator, Mama to Be Bundles, Meditations, Tapping Practices, and MORE!
  • A fully personalized maintenance plan for after our time is concluded ($500 Value)
  • A Complete Mama Care Package including books, crystal sets, affirmation cards, transformation journal and more ($500 Value)

$8000 Value

for Only $4444

SAVE $555 if paid in full, payment options available

The Details:
  • Connect to your life force energy and inner power with healing breathework involving sound, touch and movement. As a 3rd Degree Reiki Master I will be able to cleanse, balance and activate your energy centers while teaching you practices that you can do each day.
  • We will ignite your Womb Light and focus on living from your heart center.
  • Experience mind-body-spirit synchronization, relaxation and transformation.
  • Learn how to do a full body scan with multiple ways to hone in on the different energies needed to feel fulfilled.
  • Receive your Reiki Level 1 and 2 Attunements to be able to practice on self, others, and distance.
  • Starting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practices, which use the way you perceive information to transform limiting beliefs, build confidence, and feel more secure.
  • Many of these techniques work with sub-modalities of the mind and can create lasting change in your states of being.
  • Dive deeper into your subconscious with Hypnotherapy sessions and recordings that will help you gain clarity, peace, and comfortability.
  • Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment to allow you to release anger, sadness, guilt and judgement. In addition to releasing limiting beliefs and setting future goals.
  • EFT (Tapping) practices to relieve anxieties and fears. Utilizing acupressure points and meridians of the body to physiologically change the way your brain responds to certain emotions. This technique can be done together and also by yourself to continue the practice on a daily basis.
  • Define your goals and what outcomes you are seeking in your Perinatal Journey.
  • Decide that you deserve them without judgement or doubt.
  • Create an aligned action plan and prepare for different scenarios that may come up.
  • Maintain accountability and advocacy throughout our time together.
  • You deserve to feel seen and heard. When you need to vent, cry or even scream. To figure out a problem or just talk out an issue.
  • This is a safe space for anything that you need in those moments.
  • Feel validated in your choices.
  • Get support in all forms.

Some words from someone who lived it.

I thought I understood the journey, I knew I needed support. However, even though I may have known more than others, there was still so much I did not. PMADs hit me very hard after Dylan, my first son was born. Since that dark time, I have been able to heal, transform and empower others to find their power. After just giving birth for the second time, completely supported, empowered, and on MY terms- I am joyfully living my second Postpartum much differently. Every mother deserves to be informed, supported, validated, heard, and given the opportunity to feel completely at peace and confident within the entire perinatal process. From conception to postpartum and beyond. The way society views each stage of motherhood is atrocious. We are creators, miracle makers, warriors, and the most beaming love known to humanity. So I invite you to join me in truly knowing how capable you are, how beautiful you are, and how powerful you are as a Mama. I am not promising there won’t be hard moments, but I do promise you will know how to get through them and be supported along the way.

If you are unsure, but something in your soul is tugging at you- please honor yourself and reach out to me!

Some words from Mamas about their experiences with me.

Physical Benefits

I felt a huge blockage just release and my pain is gone

— Ashley, New Mama of 4

My doctor said it is round ligament pain and it hurt when I touched it, but now it doesn’t.

— Sarah, New Mama of 4

Emotional Benefits

Nicole is so calming and nurturing, I feel so wonderful after I meet with her, I always feed supported.

— Leah, Mama of 3

She really welcomes you to share so she can support you to the maximum and afterwards be the supermom that you are.

— Anna, Mama of 1

Spiritual Benefits

I was able to relax and release what I needed to because I felt safe with you, you are truly a vision of love

— Sarah, Aspiring Mama

I feel more in tune and overall centered, more aware of things I once overlooked

— Diana, Mama of 1

I felt unblocked after our session and sparked a chain reaction of empowered choices in my life, the Reiki 1 Attunement was profound. I am very grateful”

— Liz, Mama of 3
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