Lightarian Ray Treatment Bonus

This page is for you to schedule your Lightarian Ray Bonus Treatments!

*IMPORTANT* must be done in this order & must have 10 days in between each treatment

If you have questions, email

Empowerment Ray: Ascension Master Maitreya

Clearing Ray: Ascended Master El Moyra

Healing Ray: Ascended Master Buddha

Activation Ray: Ascended Master Sananda

Manifestation Ray: Saint Germaine

Source Ray: Highest Levels of Godhead

These are treatments that you will receive transformational connections to Ascended Masters that will collaborate with your highest self to aid you in self empowerment, clarity, healing, activation and manifestation.

You can elect to upgrade to Teacher Level for $444 so that you can do Treatments/Attunements for others at any point in the future.

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