You are Not Alone

So grateful for all these AMAZING MOMS working towards the same mission in their own Powerful Way! I encourage you to explore and support each of them!

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This is Postpartum. Mamas/Birth Parents like you- PMADs do not discriminate. If you gave birth (or are an adoptive parent) you can experience the symptoms.

Thank you for sharing your quotes and stories for the betterment of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Mamas!

“I struggled with postpartum anxiety for 2 years before I even knew what it was. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I’ve heard of postpartum depression but I wasn’t feeling any of those feelings.”⁣
“I distinctly remember experiencing severe baby blues the first few days of my son’s life that included minimal to no sleep & frequent crying spells. Once all of that seemed to settle down the anxiety set in. I constantly fear for my son’s safety and sometimes vivid images of what could potentially harm him invade my mind. I often times doubt my ability to be the best mom, but I give it my all and love him with everything I have! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”⁣
“It’s been the longest 10 months of my life since the birth of Paisley, I’ve been struggling really bad with Postpartum anxiety. Something which I knew was really a thing but didn’t really realize how crippling it could be. I’ve cried so many tears over these ten months and felt so vulnerable and not like myself. I spent days sitting on the couch barely able to function because of the dizziness and pure exhaustion.”
“During this time, I grew overwhelmingly aware of my own mortality, and I became paranoid about even leaving my home. A lot of this was brought on by the fact that my father passed away two days before Christmas when I was three years old. Because of this, I’ve always been reflective during this time of year, but after the birth of my daughter, the burden felt heavier.”⁣ ⁣
“I knew something was wrong the day we came home from the hospital, and I had those feelings and suffered in silence for 4 months before I sought help. I cried daily, had fits of rage towards my family and just wanted to stay home and hide from the world. I started to feel like my family would just be better off without me and finally made the call to get help. “⁣
“No one talked about the uncontrollable, terrifying rage that can hit at any moment. I hid it so well out in public, but home was a different story. Anything and everything could set me off. I felt like the monster those intrusive thoughts were telling me I was.”⁣