Motherhood Mastery

Our time together will be individualized to your specific needs and goals in order to create effective and lasting changes in your mindset, state of being and overall self. Generally we work through three moon cycles for this transformation, however we can define what makes sense for each situation. Below are various ways we can utilize our time to connect you to your inner creator!

Shift Sessions

Experience shifts in your state of being using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which use the way you perceive information to transform limiting beliefs, build confidence, and feel more secure.

Many of these techniques work with submodalities of the mind and can create lasting change in your states of being.

Dive deeper into your subconscious with hypnotherapy that will help you gain clarity, peace, and control.

We will utilize Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment to allow you to release anger, sadness, guilt and judgement. In addition to releasing limiting beliefs and setting future goals.

Learn EFT (Tapping) practices to relieve anxieties and fears. Utilizing acupressure points and meridians of the body to physiologically change the way your brain responds to certain emotions. This technique can be done together and also by yourself to continue the practice on a daily basis.

Energy Explorations

Connect to your life force energy and inner power with healing breathework involving sound, touch and movement. As a 3rd Degree Reiki Master I will be able to cleanse, balance and activate your energy centers while teaching you practices that you can do each day.

We will ignite your Womb Light and focus on living from your heart center.

Experience mind-body-spirit synchronization, relaxation and transformation.

Learn how to do a full body scan with multiple ways to hone in on the different energies needed to feel fulfilled.

Planning Sessions

Define your goals and what outcomes you are seeking in your Perinatal Journey. Decide that you deserve them without judgement or doubt.

Create an aligned action plan and prepare for different scenarios that may come up.

Maintain accountability and advocacy throughout our time together.

Support Spaces

You deserve to feel seen and heard. When you need to vent, cry or even scream. To figure out a problem or just talk out an issue. This is a safe space for anything that you need in those moments. Feel validated in your choices. Get support in all forms.

No matter the stage of Motherhood you are in, there are triumphs and challenges, what you must remember is how powerful you truly are as a women! You deserve to feel joy! You deserve to feel confident! You deserve to feel supported!

This journey also includes…

  • Access to an entire Mama Resource Library for life ($800 Value and growing)
  • Additional Learnings of Universal Laws, including Law of Abundance, Law of Expansion, and Law of Pure potentiality once I complete license to teach in July 2020 ( $450 Value)
  • A fully personalized maintenance plan for after our time is concluded ($500 Value)
  • A Complete Mama Care Package including books, crystal sets, affirmation cards, transformation journal and more ($350 Value)
  • Unlimited Text and Voice Note Support ($600 Value)

Combined with the 90 minute-weekly sessions, this transformation is VALUED over $7000!

If you make the commitment to YOURSELF today, this transformational investment is only $3333 if Paid in Full! Or take the option to make 6 monthly payments of $599!

But WAIT! If you are telling yourself that you cannot afford this or you do not have the time to commit to yourself, I want to challenge those beliefs- and offer you a COMPLIMENTARY 90 MINUTE SESSION (Normally $299) where we will focus on releasing those fears and shifting your state of being around affordability and worthiness.

If after our time together, you do not feel confident enough to make this investment in yourself, that is perfectly fine- no hard feelings, no obligation. WE all deserve as mothers and creators to feel secure in our decisions when we have the tools and capabilities.

So with that being said, ARE YOU Ready to experience a total Mind-Body- Spirit Shift for your greatest Mama-Self? Connect with me here!

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