Postpartum Pledge

This is simply a promise to yourself, your partner and your baby.

It is to establish a resource you will have after you give birth if at ANY point you do not feel like yourself, if you are overwhelmed, having intrusive thoughts, feelings of rage of extreme sadness, anxiety or anything else that just does not feel like you.

You will be able to choose one person you feel will completely support and help you if this arises. No guilt, no shame, no judgement. Think about who that is, if you cannot find someone already in your circle, I am happy to be that person. I have contacts and resources all across the country that I can connect you with.

Simply read this pledge, check the boxes, assign your Support Person and know you have a plan if Postpartum is not what you pictured.

You will also receive a Postpartum Plan Worksheet to prepare yourselves before baby gets here.

This is a donation based offer so you can sign up without any obligation! If you feel called to contribute in an energy exchange, you can do so via Venmo @nicole-obenshine or PayPal using

Thank you for showing up for yourself and baby!

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