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I want to first say thank you for owning your vulnerability and being honest. Being a Mom can be challenging enough without feeling guilty about it too.

I understand the life of a Mama to be or a Mama can be a little chaotic but that is all the more reason to give yourself permission for this work.

However, if you are resistant to fully commit to a “live” transformation, I have pre-recorded some beautiful and effective practices that will benefit you greatly.

You can do them on your own time and listen as many times as you’d like.

This course has 4 different practices that you can use to release Mom-Guilt, self-doubt, anxiety, unworthiness, frustration, and stress.

Module 1: EFT/Tapping Practice

Module 2: T.I.M.E: Releasing Anger, Sadness, and Guilt.

Module 3: Anchors: Confidence, Joy, Abundance & Patience

Module 4: T.I.M.E.: Remove Limiting Beliefs (I am not good enough)

BONUS: Hypnotherapy Session

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Release the Mom Guilt- Recorded


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