Womb Light™ Practitioner Certification

Womb Light™ is an internationally practiced modality that incorporates life force energy, subconscious language, intuition, yoga ideologies, tapping, and breathe work into an empowering experience where the client is actively involved in their own healing. It was specifically created to focus on feminine empowerment and maternal support in any perinatal stage.

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for December 1st!

Support your clients, your business & your life on an even higher level!

December 1st through 17th Tuesdays and Thursdays either at 1:00PM EST or 7:30PM EST. All classes also recorded for your convenience. Personal Attunement will be scheduled one on one.

The next session will not be until February/March 2021 due to a scheduled medical procedure being done in the first week of the year and the price will be going up to $388 for Level One, so if you are interested in adding this innovative internationally Practiced Modality to your business to further support your clients, the time is NOW!

What you gain by becoming a fully trained Womb Light™ Practitioner…

  • Learn how to cleanse the womb space gently.
  • Create balance amongst all the energy centers within the body.
  • Activate and ignite the Womb Light™ within your clients
  • Discover practices that help them connect with their bodies and babies on a consciousness level.
  • Use breathe work, energy work, and intuitive meditation techniques to nurture them throughout your journey.
  • Your attunement will able you to self-practice as well as on others.
  • Defined Pathway to become a Master Practitioner of Womb Light™ to further support your business.
  • Private Facebook Community of other Practitioners for support, collaborations and more
  • Listing on Womb Light™ Directory upon completion of class.

*You will be Usui Reiki Level 1 Certified in addition to being Womb Light™ Certified- if you already have the reiki attunement, there is a reduced rate of $244. (Price will be going up to $277 in 2021)

History of Womb Light

This beautiful practice was created organically over the last 4 years as I went through my own journey to Motherhood, I began practicing Reiki in 2016 about 5 months before I got pregnant with my first son. Received Level 2 attunement the same month we conceived after trying for 14 months. I leaned on this practice very much throughout my fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. I am a PMAD Survivor and am very passionate about helping women in every step of their journey. I received my Master Level in January 2019. I have been using Reiki on my clients for many years, but have more recently incorporated additional modalities that I have learned. I also am board certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy EFT, and Time Integration Techniques and a Yoga Instructor (Will be a CYT500 by end of 2020). In addition to these modalities I am licensed to teach Universal Law Theory and Practice. All the knowledge I have accumulated mixed with my personal experiences created Womb Light™.

So with all those Modalities, and a heavy focus on maternal empowerment, which is what my work is based on…. I began doing these sessions on women that combined these modalities- and have had amazing results and feedback.

I realized that I needed to share this beautiful practice so other moms could benefit beyond just those I work with … So the foundation is Reiki but there is a lot more incorporated in the session.

Everything I offer is based on this one mantra:

If a woman hold the power to create life, she also holds the power to create the life she wants.

Benefits You Can Expect!

What the Founding Practitioners are Saying!

Become a Practitioner.
Already certified in Reiki- Enroll Here!

Reach out if you need anything at all to Nicole@womblightenergy.com

Definition & Benefits for Your Clients!

What my clients have said:

Physical Benefits

“I felt a huge blockage just release and my pain is gone. I am less anxious, more flexible, and no further physical pain from my birth. 

— Ashley, New Mama of 4

My doctor said it is round ligament pain and it hurt when I touched it, but now it doesn’t. It’s just gone. 

— Sarah, New Mama of 4

Emotional Benefits

Nicole is so calming and nurturing, I feel so wonderful after I meet with her, I always feed supported.

— Leah, Mama of 3

She really welcomes you to share so she can support you to the maximum and afterwards be the supermom that you are. 

— Anna, Mama of 1

Spiritual Benefits

I was able to relax and release what I needed to because I felt safe with you, you are truly a vision of love

— Sarah, Aspiring Mama

I feel more in tune and overall centered, more aware of things I once overlooked.

— Diana, Mama of 1

I felt unblocked after our session and sparked a chain reaction of empowered choices in my life, I even went on to receive a Reiki 1 Attunement from Nicole and it was profound. I am very grateful

— Liz, Mama of 3
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Class Logistics

Meet for 5 group sessions and will receive one personal attunement session as well. Personal Attunement will be scheduled upon start date for each individual.

Sessions will be via Zoom, recorded for access beyond the live session and ability for make up classes available.

Each session will be 60-90 minutes long. There will be basic Reiki education with additional layers of healing modalities with the focus of Maternal Empowerment to all aspects.

You will receive your Womb Light™ Manual at the first class virtually. There will be instructions on where to print if you would prefer to have a paper copy.

Private Facebook Community for questions, collaborations and support.

All classes will be an intimate experience due to the nature of the work, so limiting our class sizes will ensure that this happens.

Both Reiki & Womb Light™ Certificates will be delivered virtually and mailed to you.

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Class Modules

We will meet 5 times as a group and once one-to-one (if receiving an attunement)

Preview of topics and exercises for each session.

Class One: Introductions | Definition of Reiki & Womb Light™ | History | Benefits | What to Expect | Principles of Womb Light™

Class Two: Grounding and Protection | Treatment Protocol | Hand Placements | Chakras and Energy Points | Self Healing | Space Healing

Class Three: Incorporating Modalities | Subconscious Language Techniques | Yoga Connection to Self | Tapping | Guided & Intuitive Meditation |Power & Peace Points

Class Four: Breathe work | Sound and Movement | Active Healing | Additional Elements | Womb Work | Working in each Perinatal Stage

Class Five: Bring a Friend” Class | Hands On Practice | Intuitive Guidance | Solution Based Healing

Personal Attunement: One on one session that will guide and attune you to the life force energies. This will be scheduled some point between our 1st and 3rd classes.

Ready to Enroll but have questions? Email enrollments@womblightenergy.com

Ready for Level II?

Dive deeper into the subconscious. Raise your vibration even higher.

Now Enrolling the Founding Class for December 2020. (Existing Reiki II, click here)

Level II Introduces symbols, distance healing, and dives deeper into the subconscious techniques and abilities to seamlessly integrate them into a session. Reiki II & Womb Light™ II Dual Certification or offered to Exisitng Reiki II/Masters for reduced rate.

Have questions about Level II? Email leveltwo@womblightenergy.com

Womb Light™ Master Level- Coming Spring 2021

Questions about Master Level? Email masterlevel@womblightenergy.com

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