Womb Light for Fertility

Womb Light Healings are energetic experiences that focus on the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Heart Chakra.

Designed to release any trauma or negative energies, balance your core and activate the energy of creation you hold within.

The best time for these sessions is between cycle day 3 and 5 if trying to conceive.

These are recommended before conception or after birth.

If you have been trying for 12 months or longer or are currently going through fertility treatments, I want to offer you a free session. No obligation, I have been in your shoes and want to help in any way I can. Even if it just gives you a tiny extra bit of hope!

This is a donation based offer so you can schedule without any obligation! If you feel called to contribute in an energy exchange, you can do so via Venmo @nicole-obenshine or PayPal using nicoleoh813@gmail.com

Schedule Yours Now!

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